Cultivating Corporate
Wellness & Success

Achieving wellness in today’s fast-paced world is no small feat. Intertwining mental, physical, and community-centric well-being, our corporate wellness programs foster holistic health and unparalleled success. The Sporting Club provides a path for organizations to flourish—both professionally and personally.

a group of people in a yoga studio


Corporate Rates

Energize your team’s spirit with a corporate membership rate, giving access to over 100,000 square feet of wellness, including modern equipment, aquatics, basketball, golf, pickleball, squash, luxury locker rooms, event space, game room, café, barbershop, and more.

5-14 Members | 
$160 monthly dues (regularly $175)

15+ Members|

$150 monthly dues (regularly $175)

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Work Spaces

Get Down to Business

Breaking a sweat is just the beginning. The Sporting Club is
the perfect environment for transitioning between high-intensity exercise and focused productivity. Catch up on emails at the cafe, host a brainstorming session in the club room, or find
a quiet corner to tackle your to-do list. This is your place to step out, work out, and get things done.

a group of people working out with ropes

Wellness Opportunities

Transformative Classes & Premier Facilities

Achieve well-being across the board in Philadelphia’s ultimate fitness destination. You can enjoy a wide range of exercises, grab a coffee from the cafe, and use that post-workout mindset to get ahead of your schedule in one of our relaxing social spaces. From over 190 group classes—ranging from Barre to Turf Training—to well-equipped locker rooms, every detail is designed to unleash your team’s potential.

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Feel Good, Work Great

Every workout in our state-of-the-art facilities is a step towards peak vitality. From the moment your session ends, the lasting impact can be felt in your professional and individual lives. By nurturing the mind and body, you’ll carry your newfound energy beyond the gym walls with enhanced mental clarity, personal fulfillment, and workplace performance. 

Corporate Memberships