Athletic Lessons at The Sporting Club

Transform Your Play

Elevate your skills or explore a new sport with our individual lessons in golf, squash, pickleball, and swimming! Available to members only.

a group of people playing volleyball
Our Rates


1-hour sessions

$105 each
6 pack - $570 | $95 each
12 pack - $1080 | $90 each

30-minute sessions
$55 each
6 pack - $300 | $50 each
12 pack - $600 | $50 each

Let's Do This!

Day of the week, time of the day. Do you have a flexible schedule?
Is there any reason why you should not engage in certain physical activity? (Ex. physician-recommended modifications, chest pain during activity, bone or joint issues, dizziness, on medication, etc.) Injuries, and/ or personal history we should be aware of.
Male/Female, Specific Specializations, etc.