The Sporting Club at The Bellevue

Personal Training

The Sporting Club at The Bellevue hosts many of the Philadelphia area’s best personal trainers. Sporting Club trainers are held to the highest standards with an impressive list of certifications, years of experience and personal accomplishments. Many of these trainers have been with the club for 10+ years and have worked with celebrities, political figures and Philadelphia’s finest.

Personal Trainers at The Sporting Club

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Hector Bones, Personal Trainer Philadelphia

Steve Hoffman Personal Trainer Philadelphia

Deryl Smiley Personal Trainer

Roger Swartz Personal Trainer

Edwina Roberts Personal Trainer

Shosnana Katz Personal Trainer

Clif Johnson Boxing Coach

 Hannah Purbe Personal Trainer Dave Thomas Personal Trainer      Al Pough Personal Trainer
Justin Goncalves Personal Trainer  Arnold Poblete personal trainer                  

Interested in personal training at The Sporting Club?  The first step is to either call Clif Johnson at 215-985-0377 to request to be paired with a personal trainer or drop your info in the “train” box, 3rd floor across from the personal trainer wall. Book online with our new MINDBODY system.

To request personal training, call 215-985-0377.

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